Friday, January 2, 2009

Murphy, Cadi & Me

Here are my dogs Murphy & Cadi. Murph is a 10 year old mixed breed and Cadi is a 6 year old AKC Lab. They are both wonderful dogs. Murph came from Last Chance Rescue and Cadi came from a breeder.
Today we went to the movies and saw "Marley & Me". It was a cute movie - any dog lover would enjoy it. I don't want to say too much and spoil it if you haven't seen it yet. (But if you do see it notice that the dog training lady is Kathleen Turner. I did not recognize her right away but I knew the voice.)
Here's the thing -- Marley had every bad dog habit you could think of!
For example - drinking out of the toilet. Seriously my dogs would never do this. Gross! And how about this one - chewing up the sofa?? Oh wait.....never mind that one. Or jumping out the car window? Well at least the car wasn't moving when my dog jumped! My dogs wouldn't eat a whole bag of dog food (that's why we keep it in a big tub in the closet!) But last week Cadi did take an open can of dog food off the counter and eat the contents before she completely crushed it and punctured it with her teeth. It was a big can. At least she cleaned up her mess when she was done! She does jump like Marley when she's excited. I don't know how they get so much air! And gas.....P.U....let's just leave it at that! I guess Cadi flunked obedience school too. Truly - she was not promoted to the next level! In spite of all this she is a wonderful, loyal companion and family member. She just took an extra long time to grow up :~)
After the show we stopped at the pet store and got them some new toys. These toys are advertised as "indestructible". We'll see.

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