Sunday, January 25, 2009

Movie Reviews

I love going to the movies. I don't know why because I usually can't sit still that long. And I don't watch TV - except for Good Morning America - but only on the days I work and never in the summer. Oh, and I like the weather channel.
Anyways......this week I went to two movies!
The first movie I saw was "Bride Wars". I know it got terrible reviews and everything but I must have really low standards because I liked it and besides I was in the mood for fluff that day and this movie totally fit the bill! Plus - the matinee was only 4 bucks! And the ending was sweet. So that is my endorsement for "Bride Wars".

Then on Saturday we went to see Gran Torino. Which I wouldn't have picked but a friend recommended it. And - I knew that Tom would go with me to see it so it's kind of like he thinks he picked the movie and so next time it's my turn again to pick the movie. See how that works?? Brilliant!
So...about "Gran Torino" was also a good movie. It was filmed in and around Detroit so that was interesting. The story was about the Hmong people who'd moved into this neighborhood where Clint Eastwood was about the last white person still living there and his at first hostile/reluctant realtionship with the family next door that develops into a sort of friendship with them. Go see it - I don't think you'll be disappointed!

Next week "New in Town" comes out. Give me a call if you want to go with me to see it! I don't think it's Tom's kind of movie:~)

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