Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Thoughts on a Summer Hump Day

Well this morning I got ready for hand therapy, said good bye to Katharine for the last time and wouldn't you know it - she was up on the table licking the handles on a plastic grocery bag - there was always something about plastic grocery bags! Anyways, she was eating which I haven't seen her do in a while and she let me rub her head without biting my hand. Tom came home to get her after I'd left and said she was laying on the floor meowing loudly. The vet said she was a very old cat and so she probably was quite unwell. The hardest part was coming home later knowing that she wouldn't be there but looking for her anyways and not finding her. All the other animals are very quiet today - probably afraid they'll be next!

On a happier note.....we seem to have finally - after 6 quotes - found a siding contractor to side our house! Hallelujah! We have had a parade of contractors here since the first week in June. I have selected the color scheme and it looks like work will begin shortly, which is quite a big deal since we have lived here 12 years and the siding has needed to be replaced the whole 12 years! What can I say..we don't like to rush into anything! LOL

Today is actually the mid point of my summer. It is 5 1/2 weeks since the last day of school and 5 1/2 weeks until I go back to school. Which is actually work. I mean that I am not attending school but I work at a school. It seems like this summer is going by so fast. Usually I would be in Ludington most of the time and coming home once in a while but this year I have only been up there for two weekends! We leave for vacation Friday for about 9 days and then I will be shuttling back and forth for a couple weeks with the grandbabies. It'll be fun. They like to come to grandmas and "eat junk" and stay up late and drink Mountain Dew for breakfast (sorry Julie!). The older they get the more fun they are - in terms of what they like to do and stuff. Alec usually has an agenda - go to the store buy him some more Legos, eat junk, go to the playground, get ice cream on the way back, etc... Linnea is a rule follower even when mommy isn't there so she'll pretty much want the pool, the beach, some games, etc... She will even take a shower! Luke has only had one or two solo trips so I'm not sure if he has an agenda yet. One thing is certain - he will keep me laughing! Here's a cute Luke story: Last year Tom & I had Luke up there with us and Tom kept calling him "Alec". Finally Luke turned around and looked at Tom and without missing a beat said "what did you say Billy?'' This will be Caleb's first time so I am just hoping that he actually comes and doesn't get too homesick. Maybe once he realizes how much fun we have???? And Selah.....well if you know Selah then you know that she is conjoined to Julie's hip and that it will be a very LONG time before she is ready for a trip to grandmas!!
My last thought of the day - today my hand surgeon gave me the green light to return to work. Are you serious!? It's been 4 weeks!! I would've been back about 2 weeks ago! Doesn't it look great!?

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Cindy said...

Sheryl, I feel your pain, as you know. It's never easy letting go of something that has been a member of our family for so long. Love ya lots, and hug Murphy and the grandkids lots. It helps!