Friday, July 18, 2008

Summer Fun

The kids came over to hang out while Linnea was at a birthday party. It was a hot day so we set up the slip & slide (aka the grass killer) the giant sprinkler and the baby pool. I ran to Target with Caleb because he wanted an Indiana Jones Lego set and he has figured out (young!) that if he asks grandma for something there is a good probability that he can have it! And becasue the other 2 boys had just come home from a trip to Chicago and the Lego store and he didn't get to go. And they got Lego sets and he didn't and "Luke doesn't even like Legos". So off to Target we went. When we got back the other kids had set the slip & slide up on a slope in the yard. See photo on left. There is Luke "surfing" down the thing with Alec getting ready for his turn. Caleb and Selah were keeping a watchful eye on their big brothers. I love that picture - not because it is a brilliant picture or anything but to me it captures the essence of summer fun! The other picture is Selah - could she be cuter??!!

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