Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Adventures in Babysitting

The boys - Caleb, Alec & Luke

The Joys....Selah Joy, Olivia Joy & Linnea Joy (whose picture won't stay up top here with the others for some reason!)

Did I hit the grandbaby jackpot or what??!!?? Look at these six cuties...three boys and three Joys! Number seven is set to arrive in September. She will not be a boy or named Joy. Which is not to say that she won't be a joy! I have been immersed in grandma heaven the past week or so. I spent 5 days in Ludington with Olivia and her mommy. Yesterday I watched the other 5 kids while their mommy went to the dentist. (I had 5 kids too but for some reason it didn't seem like so many then!) They arrived about noon and mommy didn't come back until about 5. I want the name of that dentist! In spite of the rain and the fact that they had to stay inside it wasn't bad. Really! The hardest part is trying to understand them. They have their own family dialect and use a lot of what I call Schultzisms. You try and figure this one out - "whyshesuckshespoppy?" (translationbelow) Or how about this interesting conversation...
Caleb: Grandma can you say lellow?
Me: Yep - yellow

Caleb: Not yellow! I said lellow!

Me: Oh

Caleb: You know, like Alec says

(Silly me!)

Or this one..

Caleb: Grandma do you have any crackers because I don't want one.

Me: What????

Caleb: I don't need one.

Me: Okay.

Caleb talks a lot. He follows you around all day talking. It is very cute. Yesterday he was talking about Legos and telling me that Legos are what he wants for his birthday. He wants the Indiana Jones set. You know...."but make sure they have the why-rections okay Grandma?" "The what?" "The why-rections that tell you how to build it!" (Duh!)

If it seems like this post is mostly about Caleb, it is. Only because the other kids were either playing Wii or watching a movie. Or in Selah's case simply trying to toughen up and wait for mommy to return.

Today I picked up the boys so mommy could take the girls to see the new Kit Kittredge movie. They had to go to therapy with me. Yikes!! But I quickly remembered the bribery trick and promised them DQ if they were good at therapy. Took them to the bathroom before we went in - the 2 big boys went in the men's room and Caleb came with me to the ladies room. My concern over the 2 boys alone in the men's room were quickly forgotten as I could clearly hear them through the walls and could tell that not only were they taking care of business but also some monkey business as well! They were amazed at some of the therapy equipment which unfortunately they were not allowed to play with. They all thought that I must have so much fun there! Yep - that's not exactly what I call it though;-) Once when I glanced over at them Caleb had some brown slimy smeary stuff running down his chin. I was horrified until I realized that he had found a melted chocolate Kit Kat bar in his pocket and was eating it! They were awesome so we all went to DQ before meeting back with mommy and the girls.

I don't know what I'll do with myself all day tomorrow! LOL

**Why does she suck on a poppy? (pacifier)

The very beautiful Linnea


Cindy said...

Gramma Sheryl, you should get a new puppy, that will give you something to do when you are not babysitting! Haha

Julie said...

WHAT? You let them go into the bathroom alone!!????

The Momma said...

Everyone needs a Gramma Sheryl!