Monday, July 28, 2008

28 Years!! Now That's Unbelievable!!!

On July 20th Tom & I celebrated our 28th Anniversary! Well okay maybe celebrate isn't the exact word! We were on vacation and he went fishing and I crocheted or something and that night we went to the local dinner buffet. Kind of like our wedding - simple yet satisfying. But yikes!!! 28 years!!! That was a LONG time ago. The picture on the left is the way we looked on our wedding day.
I was skinny and Tom had hair!
The picture on the right is us with our parents and grandparents. All of our grandparents are gone now. But what a wonderful day that was with all of them there. It may have been the last time we were all together. It was the hottest day ever! We were married outside and I remember sweat running down my back while we were saying our vows. One look at my hair tells you that it was also humid.
Our wedding was a rather impromptu family affair. There were only about 6 weeks between the time I said "okay" until the time we said "I do". And here we are so many years later and with no possible way to summarize the past 28 years - what a ride it's been!
And I just realized that Julie is not in either of these photos.....sorry Julie! I'll find one and post it later. Actually I think that's her head in the corner of the picture on the left!!!

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