Friday, October 30, 2009


This is what Tom's toothbrush looks like. So, the other day when I was cleaning the bathroom, I used it to clean the crud around the sink, faucet, knobs, counter, etc. And then - this is the important part - I threw it in the garbage.
So this morning when I spotted it back in the toothbrush cup I was kinda grossed out. But I was hoping that maybe it wasn't the one I threw away. I called Tom on my way to work to check - how do you ask someone if they took a toohbrush out of the garbage and resumed using it??? But ask I did and he said that he thought it had just fallen in there so he retrieved it and put it back in the cup and kept using it. hopped out of the cup and walked across the counter and then lept into the garbage. BLECCCHHH!!!

Tonight it is going into the dumpster. Where he won't find it!