Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Happy Days Are Here Again??!!

This is me in line waiting to vote yesterday. I found this picture at Livingston Daily online. Weird huh?

Oh thank goodness! We have elected Barry Obama! Things are sure to get better now! I expect to see plenty of high paying jobs return to Michigan. Unemployment rates will fall ....we in Michigan will no longer have the distinction of having the highest unemployment rate in the nation. Home values will soar. Car sales will soar! Consumer confidence will be restored! Credit will be available to all. No more foreclosures! Families can return to their homes. With plenty of jobs there will be no more worries about a recession/depression!
Troops will return from Iraq. The war will not end. But never mind that! Because marijuana is now legal and experimentation can begin with human embryos. We won't have time to worry about the war! And this is only the beginning!!
In your dreams!

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