Monday, October 20, 2008

Another Weekend Up North

Tom & I went up north for the weekend. And it wasn't nearly as exciting as last weekend....but it was pretty heart stopping when I pulled up the living room blinds Saturday morning and was greeted by Bambi and her friend hanging there in the neighbor's tree. We arrived the night before well after dark...which is just as well. Can you imagine bumping into this in the dark??? EEWWW!
The next day we took a long golf cart ride and Tom spotted these birch logs laying in the woods. They were from a tree that had blown down in the road and had been cut into the chunks you see in the photo. He rolled them out of the woods and loaded them onto the golf cart. I hope they didn't belong to someone!! Anyways, we'll have some great campfires next summer. Think of the slippers I'll be able to melt!
Then we got home and look at this cute little pumpkin we found !!
Maggie @ 3 weeks - already!!!

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