Friday, June 27, 2008


This is Luke. Middle grandson - for now anyways:-) Luke went home from VBS with a friend today. A short time later he decided he was done there and wanted to go home. Unfortunately - or not - mom wasn't able to go get him at the moment so I did. We came back here where he just kicked back and watched some tv and enjoyed some alone time. Sometime later that night it was decided that he would spend the night here and then I would deliver him to VBS in the morning. He is a delightful boy! Really! In the morning we went out for breakfast. On the way to the restaurant we were discussing the menu choices. He decided that he wanted scrambled eggs and toast. I asked if he'd like bacon or sausage with his egss and he asked incredulousy, "they have sausage?" So cute! While we were waiting for our food he entertained me with his best alien impersonation - photo on left above. And then he asked for my glasses and did his best grandma impersonation!! At least he's smiling!

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