Monday, April 5, 2010

Florida 2010 - Shuttle Launch

Well it's spring break and we are in Florida. We are alone - no kids this trip. I think the trip down here last year didn't feel as long as it did this year. Don't know why??? Maybe because last year with Luke and Caleb we were making stops every few minutes for either food or bathroom breaks. This year I think we only stopped when the car needed gas and it felt like a really long trip:(
Anyways, we arrived here late Saturday afternoon and have been enjoying the warm weather, sun and beach. Each morning we flip a coin to see if we walk left or right on the beach and each evening we take turns choosing where to eat. A person could get used to this!!!
One big bonus this trip was the space shuttle launch this morning. We were up and on the beach with the rest of the world before dawn. I was wondering if we'd be looking in the right place to see the launch but when it was time there was really no question!! I have never seen such a brilliant light and then a minute or so later we heard and felt it. Pretty cool stuff, even for a non space person like me!
Here we are fooling around while waiting for the launch.
This photo is not mine but it looks exactly like what we saw.
We hung out on the beach for a while to watch the sunrise and as it began to get light we saw these contrails leftover from the shuttle launch. Pretty sweet yes???
It was definitely worth getting up to see but as soon as we saw the sunrise it was back to sleep for me!! Hey, it's vacation!!


Barney said...

Wow! It's so amazing. So beautiful, I love it very much.

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