Sunday, September 21, 2008

Up North & Baby Watch Cont'd

I am happy to report that we made it back safely from Ludington and we didn't miss the birth!! There is still hope for a day (or two) off work!!! Yeah!!
I also did not have to go fishing - our neighbor was very happy to accompany Tom on his salmon expedition. And they caught two nice big salmon! I wasn't too sad about not fishing since I fished with our students on Friday all day and those happy moments will linger in my memory for a good long time!
We took a ride through the woods this morning on the golf cart and there right in the middle of the woods was this yellow toilet! Weird huh?? Am I the only one who ever sees these weird things???
The other picture is of Tom by this gi-normous tree we saw on the side of the road. He wanted me to pose by it but you never know when there will be a snake in the grass or a bug or something. Besides I didn't want to look stupid standing there by a tree!!!

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